March 18th through 20th 2022
Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
Writing and Photos by Crystal & Andrew Magiera – Crystal Wallem Photography
Snocross and the sunny slopes of the Grand Geneva Ski Hill were finally reunited over the weekend after a two year break from this much loved venue. When we think of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, we think of sunny weather, mild temps, and the big three day finale. This year, we still had three days of action-packed racing, but Geneva is actually the second to last stop on the tour this time. While we did get a balmy 60 degree, sunny day on Sunday, we had to tough it through the rain first.

As expected, the track at Geneva was as challenging and extravagant as ever, with three huge uphills/downhills, tight corners, and ever-changing whoop sections. Warmer temperatures made for wet and heavy roost and challenging visibility at times. Nonetheless, FXR athletes continued to prove their strength, taking home 52 total medals over the weekend.


Gvanni D’Antonio #990 started off the weekend strong, going 2-1 in his heat races and taking 2nd in Friday’s Stock 200 final.

Noah Kuhn #127 made a solid 3rd place podium finish in Saturday’s Stock 200 final.

Trenton Peterson #28 had consistent results over the weekend, placing 1-3 in his heats on Friday and 1-2 in his heats on Saturday. Peterson earned double wins between the two days of racing.


Frequent podiumer, Jaxon Houkom #407 did it again over the weekend—taking the 3rd place spot on the podium after going 1-2 in his heat races.

Avery Hemmer #415 was ripping over the weekend, taking the big win in Saturday night’s 120 Champ final.


Riley Johnson #106 placed 1-2 in his heat races on Saturday and went on to take 3rd in the final.

Avery Hemmer #415 made her second podium appearance of the weekend, claiming the big win in Friday’s Transition 8-10 final after going 1-3 in her heat races.


Victoria Dillon #609 earned double 2nd place finishes in her heats on Saturday and went on to take 3rd in the final.

Cecily Bernaiche #24 won both of her qualifiers and took 2nd in the final

Kendall Rose #1 scored another perfect 1-1-1 to round off the weekend.


After placing 2-5 in his heat races on Friday, Caiden Pflipsen #323 claimed the #3 spot on the box in the final.

Brady Freeland #831 earned two podiums over the weekend, scoring 2nd in Friday’s final and 1st on Saturday.

A very familiar face to the podium, Tanner Johnson #313, earned two more of them over the weekend. Johnson took the win in Friday’s Transition 9-13 final and placed 3rd on Saturday.

Kamden Duffy #422 took 2nd in Saturday’s Transition 9-13 final after going 2-3 in his heat races.

JR 10-13

Caiden Pflipsen #323 won both of his heats on Saturday and kept his momentum moving into the final where he also claimed the win.

Dylan Lebel #522 reeled in two more podiums over the weekend, taking 3rd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday.

Two more podiums for Tanner Johnson #313 in the JR 10-13 class over the weekend. Johnson won three out of four of his qualifiers between the two days of racing as well as two 2nd place podium finishes.

Colin Taggart #159 claimed 3rd place in Sunday’s JR 10-13 final after going 3-1 in his heats.

JR 14-15

Jack Beasley #996 with triple 3’s on Friday—taking 3rd in the final after going 3-3 in his heat races.

Isaac Peterson #612 had a perfect score in the JR 14-15 class on Friday, going 1-1 in his heat races and winning the final. Unfortunately Peterson was involved in an off-track accident resulting in a broken femur. Thoughts and prayers for Isaac for a speedy recovery!

JR 16-17

Thomas Levi #708 placed 2nd in both of his heat races and went on to take 3rd in the final.

After going 3-3 in his heats, Connor Campbell #331 advanced to 2nd place in the JR 16-17 final.

Two heat race wins and the #1 spot on the box for Jan Even Romsdal #117 on Saturday.


Chance Tietjen #500 went 2-1 in his heat races on Saturday and went on to take 3rd in the final.

Tanner Johnson #313 is unstoppable, earning two more podium finishes—now a total of 6 podiums over the weekend. Johnson went 2-2 in his heats on both days, and claimed a 1st and 2nd place podium finish.

Cameron Cole #747 had a perfect day on Sunday, winning both of his heat races and taking 1st in the final.


Tyler Archambault #901 earned an exciting 3rd place podium finish in Saturday night’s Sport final after going 2-6 in his heat races.


Kellen Chapuran #254 took the big win in Saturday night’s final after placing 2-4 in his heats.

Beau Tibbetts #223 went 4-2 in his heats on Sunday and went on to take 3rd in the final.

Crayden Dillon #906 found more success over the weekend, earning two 2nd place podium finishes and a handful of heat race wins.


Seth Engel #447 took 3rd place in the Pro Am Plus 30 final after going 4-1 in his heat races.


Hailing from Japan, Tomosuke Sano #106 scored 2nd place in Saturday’s Pro Am Plus 30 final.

No surprise here—Andy Lieders #57 claimed the win in the final after going 1-1 in his heats.


Troy Horbaty #157 went 1-3 in his moto’s on Saturday, resulting in a 2nd place overall for the evening. On Sunday, Horbaty placed 2nd in both of his moto’s which provided for another 2nd place overall podium finish.

Jesse Kirchmeyer #1 claimed both overall wins over the weekend after winning three out of four of his moto’s.


Taven Woodie #873 took 3rd place in both of her finals over the weekend. Woodie also earned great heat race finishes, going 2-2 on Friday and 1-1 on Saturday.


Malene Cottew #93 nearly had another perfect weekend of racing, winning all four of her qualifying races as well as Friday night’s final. Cottew settled for 2nd in Saturday night’s final after an off set her back.


Marcus Ogemar #58 continued to prove himself over the weekend, going 2-2 in his heat races and reeling in a 3rd place podium finish in Saturday night’s Pro Lite final.


Team LaVallee’s Adam Peterson #3 claimed a 3rd place podium finish on Saturday night after going 3-1 in his heat races. Peterson also took an exciting 2nd place in Friday night’s Amsoil Dominator Cup.


Elias Ishoel #200 owned the top spot on the box in Lake Geneva. Ishoel took the win both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, as well as earning a handful of nicely placed heat races. Ishoel also claimed 3rd in Friday night’s Amsoil Dominator.

We wrap up our tour next weekend at Cannonsburg Ski Area, just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Join us there for the finale on March 25th and 26th!

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