December 7-8, 2018

Snowking Mountain

Writing and Photos by Crystal Wallem Photography

It was a cold one this past weekend in The Cowboy State—a whopping 0°F at the start of Friday’s races. But it’s hard to notice the bitter cold when you’re distracted by all of the amazing wildlife and the killer views of the Tetons. The races weren’t too shabby either, and like usual, our FXR riders did not disappoint.


Ryley Johnson #106 kicked off the weekend going 3-2 in his heats and finishing 3rd in his final.


Naali Lebel #518 had another solid weekend of racing, going 2-2-2 for the day.


FXR riders Carter Meyeraan #125, Shane Beasley #924, and Brady Freeland #831 swept the 120 Champ podium Saturday night. All three riders raced impressively in their heats. Meyeraan went 2-2 in his heats and took third in the final. Beasley won both of his heats and placed 2nd in the final. Freeland had a perfect day, going 1-1 in his heats and taking the win to cap off the night.


Hunter Laase #373 was back on the box this weekend, placing 3rd in his final after going 4-4 in his heats earlier that day.

Going 1-1 in his heats, Dylan Lebel #522 went on to score the big win in the Transition 8-10 final.

JR 10-13

Cameron Cole #747 placed 2-2 in his heats Saturday morning and went on to score 3rd in the final. After going 1-6 in his heats, Kellen Chapuran #254 raced to the top spot on the box to wrap up the JR 10-13 class for the weekend.


Back on top of the box for the second time of the day—Kellen Chapuran #254 snagged himself another win after going 1-1 in his heats in the Transition 9-13 class.

JR 14-15

This past weekend was the hometown race for Wyoming native, Brody  Hasenack #722, who went 3-3 in his heats and placed 3rd in the final. Drew Freeland #821 went a solid 2-2-2 for the day. Jordan Lebel #511 won both of his heats and took home the win in the JR 14-15 final.


Logan Frattalone #318 placed 6-3 in his heats early on Saturday, moving on to score 2nd in the final. Jordan Lebel #511 scored another 1st place podium finish.


Going 1-1 in his heats on Friday, Tyler Archambault #901 went on to finish 3rd in his final.

Jordan Lebel #511 placed 1-2 in his heats and, with the fastest lap time in the final, took the #2 spot on the box.

Moving on to Saturday’s Sport Lite races,Tyler Archambault #901 made his second podium appearance of the weekend, taking 3rd in the final.

Drew Freeland #821 also shown his face on the podium for the second time this weekend, going 1-1 in his heats and 2ndin the final.

With his fourth podium of the weekend, Jordan Lebel #511 takes the win in Saturday’s Sport Lite final.

Saturday’s Sport Lite podium:


Cowboy hat and all, Jesse Kirchmeyer #42 was back on the box this weekend, placing 2nd in Friday night’s Snowbike final. Mark Wilson #772 also makes his second podium appearance of the season, taking the big win on Friday.


Despite a rough first heat, Baily Forst #341 hammered through the LCQ and went on to score 2nd in the final.Beau Tibbetts #223 went 1-5 in his heats and claimed the big win in Friday night’s Sport final.

Samuel Blouin #878 looked solid all day,placing 2-1 in his heats and snagging 3rd in Saturday’s Sport final. Baily Forst #341 claimed the top spot on the box after going 1-3 in his heats earlier in the day.


On Friday, Malene Andersen #93 looked fast, going 3-2 in her heats and moving on to score 2nd in the final.

Malene Andersen #93 kept the momentum going into Saturday’s races where she went 1-2 in her heats. Wyoming native, Taven Woodie #873, similarly went 2-1 in her heats.

In Saturday night’s final, Andersen was out front early but Woodie put the pressure on. After laps of battling it out side by side, Woodie took over the lead and went on to claim her first win in the Pro Am Women’s class. Andersen scored the 3rd spot on the box.


Nisse Kjellstrom #27 rode strong on Saturday, placing 1-4 in his heats. Kjellstrom went on to score 2ndin Saturday night’s Pro Lite final.


Your current points leader, Elias Ishoel #200 had a perfect day of racing on Saturday. Ishoel breezed through his heat races, placing 1-1. In Saturday night’s final, Ishoel got out front early and never looked back. Ishoel led the entire race and scored the big win to wrap up the weekend.

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