GNCC Round 2 Wild Boar | Photo Report

March 10, 2020

by Kyle Wolfe
Photos by Darrin Chapman

Round 2 of the 2020 Grand National Cross-Country series headed to Palatka, Florida for the Wild Boar GNCC. The traditional Florida sands make this the most difficult race of the series for the riders as they fight through sand whoops, marshes, bogs and more difficult obstacles for more than three hours. The attitude amongst all riders is survival and coming away with good points to keep themselves in title contention. For the premier FXR riders in GNCC, Stu and Grant Baylor, the day was costly due to mechanical issues on both of their bikes. Stu would fail to finish, while Grant would be able to come through and just get into the top 20 overall for the day. Other riders would have better fortunes, as Shelby Turner would take home 5th in the WXC class, in a stacked field of women. Ben Nelko would just miss out on the top 20 overall in the afternoon, taking home 12th in XC2. Jake Froman would come from the back of the pack in XC3 to take 2ndin class and 28th overall. Triston Landrum would just miss out on the overall amateur podium for the second race in a row, taking 2nd in 250A and 4th amateur honours. Jason Lipscomb would be in the mix all race long taking home 4th in XC3 and 35th overall.

Round 3 heads to Aonia Pass MX in Washington, Georgia for The General GNCC. 

1 Kailub Russell 2 Josh Strang 3 Ricky Russell 4 Jordan Ashburn 5 Jonathon Girroir 6 Michael Witkowski 7 Craig Delong 8 Andrew Delong 9 Cody Barnes 10 Todd Kellett 11 Evan Smith 12 Jesse Ansley 13 Tyler Medgalia 14 Liam Draper 15 Tegan Temple 16 Thorn Devlin 17 Simon Johnson 18 Jonathon Johnson 19 Brody Johnson 20 Grant Baylor 21 Ben Nelko

1 Zack Hayes 2 Jake Froman 3 Nathan Ferderer 4 Jason Lipscomb 5 Dominick Morse 6 Chase Colville 7 Jason Raines 8 Benjamin Wright 9 Michael DeLosa 10 Dylan Zimpel

1 Brody Johnson 2 Triston Landrum 3 Andrew Gross 4 Michael McGee 5 Nicholas Kordana

Open A
1 Chase Hayes 2 Alex Lugar 3 Scott Gawler 4 Ryan Quinn 5 Cope Beckert

1 Becca Sheets 2 Tayla Jones 3 Mackenzie Tricker 4 Rachael Archer 5 Shelby Turner 6 Korie Steede 7 Rachel Gutish 8 Jocelyn Barnes 9 Brooke Cosner 10 Kelsey Saltar

Grant Baylor would fight hard after mechanical issues to take 20th overall.

Jake Froman was on the gas all day.

Froman would round out his day taking 2nd in XC3.

Unfortunately, Stu Baylor wouldn’t get very far before a mechanical issue ended his day early.

Cope Beckert would put in a consistent effort, taking 5th in Open A.

Nathan Smith

Triston Landrum would fall just short of the overall amateur podium, taking 2nd in 250A.

Brady Myers

Jason Lipscomb

Cole Mattison

Shelby Turner brought home 5th in WXC.

Alexandre Gougeon

Jason Langenback

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