GNCC Round 1 Big Buck | Photo Report

February 26, 2020

by Kyle Wolfe
Photos by Darrin Chapman


Round 1 of the 2020 Grand National Cross-Country series kicked off near Union, South Carolina for the Big Buck GNCC. After the 2019 event was cancelled due to flooding, riders were excited to return to a traditional dirt and clay-base to begin the new season. In the 10 A.M. race, Shelby Turner took her KTM to the fight with the established stars of the WXC class. Shelby took home 4th overall for the morning. For the afternoon race, there was a lot of anticipation entering the first round with many riders switching teams in the off-season. The biggest move came from the Baylor brothers, shifting to new colors for 2020. The biggest question mark was if their machines could hold out for three hours in the fast-paced GNCC environment. They both delivered with strong finishes in the top 10. Stew just missing out on the podium by a couple of seconds and Grant coming through with 7th for the day. In the XC3 class, South Carolina native Cole Mattison made his return to racing after a year away coming home with a 3rd in class and 26th overall. Jake Froman would bring home 5th in XC3, with Michael DeLosa finishing 8th, Nathan Thornhill taking 11th, and Jason Lipscomb finishing 13th. Triston Landrum would find his way onto the amateur podium with a 2nd in 250A and second amateur honors, while Cope Beckert just missed out on the amateur podium, taking 2nd in Open A.
Round 2 heads to Palatka, Florida on March 7 and 8, 2020 for the Wild Boar GNCC.


1 Kailub Russell 2 Ricky Russell 3 Josh Strang 4 Steward Baylor 5 Michael Witkowski 6 Jordan Ashburn 7 Grant Baylor 8 Layne Michael 9 Jonathon Girroir 10 Craig Delong 11 Jonathan Johnson 12 Lyndon Snodgrass 13 Cody Barnes 14 Liam Draper 15 Ryder Leblond 16 Thorn Devlin 17 Simon Johnson 18 Jesse Ansley 19 Andrew Delong 20 Brody Johnson
1 Zack Hayes 2 Jason Raines 3 Cole Mattison 4 Nathan Ferderer 5 Jake Froman 6 Chase Colville 7 Logan Kittock 8 Michael Delosa 9 Dylan Zimpel 10 Joseph Ferraro 11 Nathan Thornhill 12 Dominick Morse 13 Jason Lipscomb 14 Benjamin Wright 15 Tyler Silvia 16 Jeremy Lallement 17 Jason Langenback
1 Brody Johnson 2 Triston Landrum 3 Nathaniel Tasha 4 Dakoda Devore 5 Brenden Poling
Open A
1 Chase Hayes 2 Cope Beckert 3 Anthony Federico 4 Will Sievenpiper 5 Briant Dussault


1 Becca Sheets 2 Tayla Jones 3 Rachael Archer 4 Shelby Turner 5 Rachel Gutish 6 Mackenzie Tricker 7 Brooke Cosner 8 Allis Spurgeon 9 Alli Phillips, 10 Taylor Johnston


Shelby Turner stuck with the established veterans of WXC, taking 4th on the day.

Cole Mattison returned to racing after a year off, placing 3rd in XC3.

Stu Baylor narrowly missed out on the overall podium in his first GNCC aboard the Sherco.


Michael DeLosa began his season with a top 10 finish, taking 8th for the afternoon.

Grant Baylor fought his was from the back, taking 7th overall.

Jayson Lipscomb ran near the top 5 in XC3 before retiring after a crash.

Jake Froman put himself in solid position all race long, taking 5th in XC3.

Triston Landrum was in the fight amongst the A riders all 3 hours, taking 2nd in 250A as well as 2nd Overall Amateur.

Philippe Dagenais finished 16th in Open A.

Gavin Simon finished 9th in 250A.

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