FXR Ride Day | Photo Gallery

FXR Ride Day | Photo Gallery

June 22, 2019

Photos by Dawn McClintock

This year marked the 5th Annual FXR Ride Day where staff and riders have a chance to take a break from the national MX schedule and have a bit of fun before the eastern leg of the series starts. With Round 3 of the Triple Crown MX National at McNabb Valley MX being a washout after only the first motos, we were uncertain where things would fall on Monday for our ride day. Evening and early morning showers left our track in a soupy mess and staff worked tirelessly to get things up to snuff for riding. We delayed arrival time by a few hours to enable our crew to work their magic and for Mother Nature to change her mood. As luck would have it, the sun came out and it ended up being a perfect day. The track shaped up nicely and everyone had a great time. There was plenty of food, loads of laughs and countless laps spun on the track. You may even recognize some of our special guests that showed up to ride. We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to next years event. Here's a look at Ride Day 2019. See you next year!

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