Freestone Spring Championship | Photo Gallery

Freestone Spring Championship | Photo Gallery

March 28, 2019

Photos by Matty Mattrice

The Annual James Stewart Freestone Spring Championship was held on March 18-23 and we had a good number of FXR athletes show up to compete. Vet rider #58 Greg Schnell pulled out all the stops and took the big win in Vet 35+ right after cleaning house in the Vet class at the RC Daytona Amateur SX. Congratulations to all of our riders who took part. We want to wish Kobe Heffner a speedy recover after also doing very well at Daytona, and then experienced a practice crash here at Freestone that left him sidelined with a concussion. Heal up soon Kobe! Here are a few shots from a busy and successful week in Texas.

#44 Richard Taylor | 11th in 250A Pro Sport and 27 in Open A Pro Sport
#222 John Roggero | 26th in 250 A Pro Sport
#529 Kobe Heffner suffered a concussion during practice that unfortunately put him out for the week.
#712 Blake Gardner | 19th in Supermini 1 (12-15)
#55 Emile Lacher | 28th in 65 (10-11), 11th in 85 (9-10) Limited and 31st in 85 (9-11) Limited.
#43 Linkin Sarauer | 5th in Womens (12+).
#22 Cameron Skaalerud | 18th in 125 (12-17_ and 18th in Schoolboy 1 (12-17).
#45 Colby Gilsdorf | 19th in 250 C Jr (12-16) Limited and 29th in 250C (12+).
#58 Greg Schnell 2nd in Junior 25+ and 1st place in Vet 35+.
#77 Blake Gardner | 19th in Supermini 2 (13-16).
#45 Jayden Clough | 7th in Supermini 1 (12-15) and 8th in Supermini 2 (13-16).

#198 Nicholas Maret | 21st in 250A Pro Sport and 20th in Open A Pro Sport.
#292 William Lane | 15th in 250C (12+) Limited, 22nd in 250C (12+) and 11th in 450C (12+).

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