March 19th & 20th 2021
World Championship Derby Complex
Writing and Photos by Crystal Wallem Photography

Rounds 13 & 14 of Amsoil Championship Snocross were held in Eagle River, Wisconsin—the birthplace and world capital of snowmobile racing. The two day event was hosted by the legendary World Championship Derby Complex, holding over 50 years of racing history. The WCDC treated athletes and spectators to a massive oval-style track with a large and technical rhythm section, fast straight-away, and big-air tabletop. Hats off to ISOC and everyone at the Derby complex for providing a great track with ample amounts of snow despite warm temperatures.


This past weekend had some of the closest battles and most exciting racing of the season. FXR athletes topped the box 15 times and brought home 33 total medals over the weekend.



Kooper Groen #172 had a great weekend, going 3-1 in his heats and taking 2nd in the Stock 200 final.

Gvanni D’Antonio #990 continued his climb up the points ladder, now only 13 points behind the leader after going 1-1-1 over the weekend.


Currently 3rd in points, Tavin Knudson #722 took 2nd in the 120 Champ final after going 3-1 in his heat races on Saturday.


Avery Hemmer #415 scored a perfect 1-1-1 in the 120 Champ class over the weekend and remains the points leader.


Ava McCurdy #42 won both of her heat races over the weekend and went on to claim 3rd place in the final. McCurdy is currently 2nd in overall points.

Victoria Dillon #609 placed 3-2 in her heats and scored 2nd in Saturday morning’s JR Girls 9-13 final.

Kendall Rose #120 currently holds a significant lead in the JR Girls 9-13 class, currently 47 points ahead of the 2nd place rider. Rose continued her success over the weekend, scoring perfectly with a double win in her heats as well as the victory in her final.


Zach Miller #261 has been a frequent podiumer this season, and this past weekend was no different. Miller scored 2nd in Saturday’s Transition 8-10 final after going 4-2 in his heats.



The Transition 9-13 class is packed full of competition this season, one of the strongest competitors being Tanner Johnson #313. Johnson went 2-1 in his heats over the weekend and moved on to score 2nd in the final.

Colin Taggart #159 rode strong on Saturday, placing 2-3 in his heat races and scoring 3rd in the final.

Cameron Cole #747 had another successful weekend, going 1-2 in his heat races and claiming the big win in Saturday’s Transition 9-13 final. Cole remains the points leader in this class.

JR 10-13

Tanner Johnson #313 made his second podium appearance of the weekend, scoring 3rd in the JR 10-13 final after going 1-2 in his heats. Johnson is currently 4th in the points race.

Cameron Cole #747 won both of his heat races in the JR 10-13 class over the weekend and went on to take 2nd in the final. Cole holds the points lead in this class.

JR 14-15

Domenic Hegman #113, making his debut on a Boss Racing sled, went 1-1 in his heats on Saturday and settled for a 3rd place podium finish after an off in the final cost him the #1 spot.

Connor Campbell #331 scored 2-1 in his heat races over the weekend and claimed 2nd in the JR 14-15 final. Campbell is in a tight battle for the 2nd place spot in points, currently only 3 points ahead of the rider in 3rd.

JR 16-17

Steven Max #151 went 1-2 in his heats on Saturday and went on to take 3rd in the JR 16-17 final. Max remains 2nd in the points race.


Domenic Hegman #113 redeemed himself, scoring the big win in the JR 16-17 final after placing 3-3 in his heats. Hegman continues to lead the JR 16-17 class in points.



Kellen Chapuran #254 had another weekend filled with success, going 5-1 in his heats on Friday and taking 3rd in the final. Chapuran went on to score perfectly on Saturday, going 1-1 in his heats and taking the big win in the final. Chapuran continues to hold the points lead in the Sport Lite class.



Eric Downs #129 earned a 3rd place podium finish in Friday night’s Sport final after going 4-4 in his heats during the day. Downs is currently sitting 6th in overall points.



Untouchable Andy Lieders #57 claimed another sweep in the Pro Am Plus 30 class over the weekend, winning all of his heat races as well as both finals. Lieders remains the points leader.



Jesse Kirchmeyer #1 had a nearly perfect weekend, winning both of his moto’s on Friday and his first moto on Saturday. Kirchmeyer took the overall win Friday night, but a 2nd place in Moto 2 on Saturday named in 2nd overall for night two of racing.

Troy Horbaty #157 went a consistent 2-2 in his moto’s on Friday, resulting in 2nd overall. Horbaty started Saturday night off with another 2nd place in Moto 1, but gave Kirchmeyer a run for his money in Moto 2 where the #157 bike claimed the win and the top spot on the box to round off Saturday night.


Malene Andersen #93 has officially closed the points gap on Megan Brodeur after earning double wins over the weekend. Andersen scored herself a perfect weekend, going 1-1-1 both Friday and Saturday and is now tied for first in the points race. It will come down to a nail-biting weekend of racing for the top Pro Am Women competitors.



Team LaVallee’s Ryley Bester #151 earned an extremely successful weekend, ripping holeshots left and right, and placing no lower than 4th between the two days of racing. Bester went 1-2 in his heats on Friday and claimed 3rd in the final. On Saturday, Bester was off to another good start, going 4-1 in his heats and advanced to a 1st place podium finish to round off the weekend. Bester is currently 5th in the overall points race.



After suffering a concussion in Round 11, Kyle Pallin #324 was back with a vengeance. Pallin placed well in his heats, going 4-2 on Friday and 3-4 on Saturday. In Saturday night’s final, Pallin ripped the holeshot but made a mistake that set him back into the 5th place position. Pallin battled hard, swapping positions between 3rd and 4th. On the last lap, Pallin made the perfect pass and claimed the #3 spot on the box.


Hentges Racing’s Oskar Norum #40 claimed, not one, but two massive wins in Eagle River over the weekend. Norum has been one of the top competitors in the Pro class all season, and his and Hentges Racing’s hard work certainly paid off. After going 3-3 in his heats on Friday, Norum scored his first Pro win in the United States. Norum kept his momentum rolling into Saturday where he went 1-6 in his heat races and raced to another big win in the final. Norum’s double wins propelled him to 3rd in overall points.

Amsoil Championship Snocross will be making its way back to the World Championship Derby Complex in Eagle River for the Grand Finale on March 26th – 28th.


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