March 30, 2022

Photos by: SwapMotoLive / BrownDogWilson

Through 12 Rounds the 2022 Supercross Season has been one for the ages.  Battles galore and FXR athletes battling for heat wins, Podiums , Top 10's, and more presence in the main events than most other brands.  Through 12 Rounds our FXR athletes have debuted 3 different gear launches with the Revo Comp, Revo Legends, and Podium Pro LE gear sets.  Stand out rides have came from Justin Starling, Alex Martin, and Kyle Chisholm in the 450 class placing them all top 20 in the overall points standings.  In the 250 classes Garrett Marchmanks has had some success on the West Coast with a heat race win and sits 8th in the points.  On the East Coast Enzo Lopes, Phil Nicoletti, and Jace Owen all see themselves within the top 10 in points.  

Take a look below to see how the riders are sitting in the 2022 series point thus far...

2022 450 Point Standings

1            Eli Tomac

2            Jason Anderson

3            Justin Barcia

4            Malcolm Stewart

5            Cooper Webb

6            Marvin Musquin

7            Chase Sexton

8            Dean Wilson

9            Dylan Ferrandis

10          Ken Roczen

11          Brandon Hartranft

12          Shane McElrath

13          Justin Brayton

14          Aaron Plessinger

15          Justin Bogle

16          Kyle Chisholm

17          Vince Friese

18          Alex Martin

19          Max Anstie

20          Justin Starling

21          Cade Clason

22          Ryan Breece

23          Mitchell Oldenburg

24          Kevin Moranz

25          Joey Savatgy

26          Fredrik Noren

27          Adam Cianciarulo

28          Logan Karnow

29          Josh Hill

30          Joan Cros

31          Tristan Lane

32          Garrett Marchbanks


2022 250 WEST Point Standings

1            Christian Craig

2            Hunter Lawrence

3            Michael Mosiman

4            Vince Friese

5            Jo Shimoda

6            Robbie Wageman

7            Nate Thrasher

8            Garrett Marchbanks

9            Carson Brown

10          Chris Blose

11          Jalek Swoll

12          Carson Mumford

13          Derek Kelley

14          Cole Thompson

15          Dominique Thury

16          Seth Hammaker

17          Mitchell Harrison

18          Dylan Walsh

19          Ryan Surratt

20          Logan Karnow


2022 250 EAST Point Standings

1            Jett Lawrence

2            Cameron McAdoo

3            Pierce Brown

4            R.J. Hampshire

5            Enzo Lopes

6            Jordon Smith

7            Mitchell Oldenburg

8            Stilez Robertson

9            Phil Nicoletti

10          Jace Owen

11          Derek Drake

12          Joshua Varize

13          Jeremy Martin

14          Henry Miller

15          Austin Forkner

16          Cullin Park

17          John Short

18          Kyle Chisholm

19          Marshal Weltin

20          Hardy Munoz

21          Kyle Peters

22          Levi Kitchen

23          Jarrett Frye

24          Jeremy Hand

25          Lance Kobusch

26          Josh Cartwright

Alex Martin has been a solid 450 contender all year long.

Alex Martin is always a crownd favorite!

Justin Starling has caught fire later in the season and has even logged his best ever 450 finish with an 11th.

Starling sits 20th in the 450 class standings.

Kyle Chisholm is the top 450 performer and sits 16th in the 450 class.

Chiz has even been able to roll out in opening ceremonies in Seattle.

Freddie Noren had some rough weeks in the middle of the season with injury but is back making mains regularly now.

Noren sits 26th in the 450 points.

Freddie Noren in the Podium Pro LE gear.

Tristan Lane made his first ever 450 class main in Indy! He also made his 2nd main the next weekend in Seattle!

Garrett Marchbanks has shown incredible speed and sits 8th in the 250 West Points.

Garrett made an appearance on a 450 in Daytona but is finishing out the year in the 250 West.

Nique Thury with a holeshot in his heat race in Seattle.

Thury is 15th in the 250 West Coast points.

Logan Karnow has bounced between both classes but has made mains in both.  He sits 20th in 250 West points and 28th in the 450 class.

Logan Karnow in the Revo Legend gear.

Enzo Lopes has been a bit of a surprise and is tied for 4th in the 250 East class.

Phil Nicoletti is 9th in the 250 East.

Jace Owen has shown great consistency and is 10th place in the 250 East.

Henry Miller has been a solid Main Event rider.  He is 14th in the East Coast 250's.

Marshal Weltin is 19th in the 250 East.  He has been repping the Podium Pro LE gear as well.

Revo Legend Black and White. (Jace Owen & Marshal Weltin)

Joan Cros has made a couple mains already this year and is 30th so far in the 450 class points.

Joan Cros

Josh Cartwright on the Madd Parts Kawasaki Team sits 26th in 250 East.

Bubba Pauli has been battling a knee injury.

After 2nd place in the Hoosier Arenacross series... Kyle Bitterman has been racing 250 East.

Ronnie Stewart made an appearance at Daytona!

Zack Williams in the Podium Pro LE Blk/Red.

Cory Carsten in his Helium gear.

Round 12 was in Seattle.  Off to St. Louis next on April 9th!

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