December 7, 2020

Photos by: Mike Vizer and David Lando

The 50th Annual Mini Olympics took place this year over Thanksgiving weekend. Amateurs and pro racers flocked to Gainesville Florida for one of the biggest turn outs to date with over 5200 entries!  FXR athletes showed up ready to battle and did just that. A strong showing of FXR riders filled the gates across all the classes.  FXR was able to capture 13 Titles over the week and countless podium finishes! Titles came from Mike Brown in the +35 class, Robert Hailey won 6 titles in the C classes, Brandon Scharer took the +25 title, Mike Genereux won the +60 class, Gavin McCoy won 2 50cc E-bike Titles, and Jayden Clough came away with 2 B Class Championships! 

Jayden Clough was a big winner in the B classes taking a 250 B Limited title in Supercross and a 450 B Limited Title in Motocross.

Mike Brown With the Vet 35+ Title

Brandon Scharer took the +25 Title in Supercross.

Robert Hailey grabbed 6 championships in the C classes over the week!

Gavin McCoy Won the Mini E-Bike class in SX and MX!

MIke Genereux won the +60 class.

Frenchie with a podium finish.

Brett Heidorn with a podium.

Jesse Wentland was 2nd in 25+.

Ronnie Renner on the Alta!

Robbie Renner

Colt Martin

James Hanson on the line for a moto.

Alecia Goggel

Cory Carsten

Riley Busse

Logan Best

Wesley Allen

Garyson Smith

Cameron Skaalerud



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